“…. We got you, moonlight, you’re our starlight, We need you all night, come on CLIMB with us…”


YEAH we’re open on Friday July 16

(4 pm to 11 pm) at both locations 

YEAH we’re open on Saturday and Sunday July 17/18

(10 am to 6 pm) at both locations and 

YEAH regular hours kick in on Monday July 19

at Etobicoke while Junction remains at 4 to 11 pm through the weekdays for summer

Yeah Yeah YEAH Yeah Yeah!

Here are the DEETS:


    • ETOBICOKE No Reservations required 3 HOUR SOFT LIMIT – 125 participant capacity limit



    • Mask Required (including while climbing)



    • Memberships will remain frozen until returning


“….We’re levitating…..”