UPDATED: November 16, 2020

COVID-19 Climbing Rules -Boulderz Code of Conduct

Before Arriving

  • Read, understand and follow these COVID-19 policies prior to visiting
  • NEW WAIVER  for everyone entering the facility
  1. Junction Advanced reservations required
  2. Etobicoke reservations can be made in advance to avoid disappoint or reservations can be made upon entry occupancy limits have not been reached.
  3. Etobicoke max. 50 participants Junction max. 14 participants total in each facility
  4. Avoid peak times Mon-Fri 430-830pm Sat- Sun 11am-4pm view Occupancy on RGPro connect app (this app may not be accurate please do not rely 100% on this)
  5. 2 hour Climbing Limit, this time allotment includes late arrival, check in, screening, orientation or any other services; you may arrive up to 10 minutes maximum prior to your reservation; also note booking that do not have an associated direct payment, i.e. membership, will be charged a $15 no show fee if booking are not cancelled a minimum of 24 hours before your reservation
  6. Wear a mask at all times while inside the facility (including while climbing)
  7. Masks must be 3 layers, no breathing ports, no gaiters, no bandanas, no mask/face shields
  8. Check IN and Check OUT at the front desk.
  9. Wash hands before and after climbing.
  10. Utilize hand sanitizer during climbing where available or provide your own.
  11. Maintain 2 metre social distance as required by Public Health.
  12. Be dressed in appropriate climbing attire (no change rooms will be available).
  13. Bring minimal items (no lockers will be available).
  14. Rental climbing equipment available (Socks Required).
  15. No loose chalk permitted, chalk balls are OK, liquid chalk preferred
  16. No brushing holds
  17. Climb within your limits to avoid injury.
  18. No Water Fountain (bottle refill station available).
  19. ALL food and drink must be consumed outside (except for water)
  20. No spectators (unless the participant is under 14 years old or a belayer is required)
  21. Weight Training Area ETO 2 person limit 15 mins Junction 1 person limit 15 mins (disinfect before and after use)
  22. Do not come in if you are unwell.
  23. Abide by public health requirements if you have travelled.

Our climbers and staff safety is our top priority, we are following all Government and Bylaw requirements and Public Health recommendations, such as fogging/disinfecting holds