Before Arriving

  • Read, understand and follow COVID-19 policies prior to visiting
  • Fill out new 2020 waiver online
  • Reserve online your climbing session
  1. NEW WAIVER  for everyone entering the facility must be completed AHEAD OF TIME 
  2. Please reserve your time slot and pay online prior to arrival.
  3. Do not come in if you are unwell.
  4. Wear a mask at all times while inside the facility (including while climbing)
  5. Abide by public health requirements if you have travelled.
  6. Check IN and Check OUT at the front desk.
  7. Stay in reserved area divided by Rope and Bouldering zones.
  8. Wash hands before and after climbing.
  9. Utilize hand sanitizer during climbing where available or provide your own.
  10. Stand at Standing Stations within the gym and maintain 2 metre social distancing as required by Public Health.
  11. Be dressed in appropriate climbing attire (no change rooms will be available).
  12. Bring minimal items (no lockers will be available).
  13. Rental climbing equipment available (Socks Required).
  14. Bring a water bottle (bottle refill station now available).
  15. No food permitted.
  16. No loose chalk permitted, chalk balls are OK, liquid chalk preferred
  17. Climb within your limits to avoid injury.
  18. No spectators (unless the participant is under 14 years old or a belayer is required)
  19. No guest passes are permitted at this time

updated: August 10th, 2020