🚨🏆 Flash Friday 2024 – The Return of Monthly Competition Series!🚨

Get ready for the thrill of Flash Friday 2024! Our beloved monthly climbing competition series is back for another year, inviting you to join us on the last Friday of each month from January through May. Test your skills on 10 exhilarating boulder problems and be part of this community-driven climbing adventure.

Competition Highlights:

💪 Peer Judged: Compete based on attempts to ZONE and TOP, fostering a community-driven and inclusive atmosphere.

💸 50/50 Entry Fee: Your entry fee is split evenly, and the raffle winner has the privilege of directing the second 50% towards their chosen registered charity.

🏆 Prizes for Winners: Flash Friday winner’s T-shirt!

Embark on a monthly climbing journey, challenge yourself, and contribute to a good cause. Flash Friday awaits – are you ready to climb to new heights? 🧗‍♂️

$10 participation fee

Our Long Wall will be open from 5pm-9pm for competitors only.


🎉 Congratulations to Tenzin! 🎉 Our Jan 26, 2024, 50/50 winner, Tenzin, walked away with $390!

The other $390 was donated to the charity of his choice – the Toronto Humane Society.




🎉 Congratulations to AB! 🎉 Our Feb 23, 2024, 50/50 winner, AB, walked away with $360!

The other $360 was donated to the charity of their choice – U Help Ukraine.


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📈 Flash Friday results are in!

Now scoring online via Vertical Life.


⚡ Create an account on Vertical Life to enter your scores and enjoy live updates at future Flash Fridays! 🧗‍♂️

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