Movember 60 Climb Challenge:

Engage in an in-house friendly climbing competition that spans the entire month

Min. $10 donation 

Rules for the competition 
Each week, 15 climbs will be marked with a distinctive mustache, indicating their inclusion in the Movember challenge. Get scorecards upon registration at the front desk to track completed climbs and those yet to conquer. You will have unlimited attempts to top each Movember climb, if top is secured you must have a peer sign off on your card to verify you controlled the finish hold. Each top recorded will give you an extra raffle ticket towards our prize draws at the wrap up event.

Drop off your scorecards at the front desk after your climbing session and retrieve them for subsequent climbs.

For bonus raffle tickets post your sends on social media tagging us @boulderzclimbingcentre with the hashtag #BoulderzMovember60

Boulderz Moves for Mental Health Wrap-up Event:
Join us on Wednesday November 29th for a culminating event, bringing all participants together for a final celebration. Exciting prizes and raffles to be announced soon! Prizes for the top three participants.

SIGN UP at Etobicoke

SIGN UP at Junction