Boulderz BETA Series Part 7: Emma McGreeghan on programming, climbing kids and keeping it real

Emma McGreeghan is Program supervisor at Boulderz. We catch up with Emma about why climbing is so good for kids, and why she chooses to hang out where she works!

Tell me about your job. What does the Program Supervisor do?

Well I specialize in kids’ programming, and I help with everything to do with scheduling the classes, making sure everything is ready for registration day, and communicating with parents (such as answering any questions they might have). I also help with staff training for our rec programs and camps, as well as making sure we have all the supplies needed to make things run smoothly. And then once the programs are underway, I manage the day-to-day of how it runs. And I also help with our adaptive climbing program, for individuals with exceptionalities.

Our programming is so full right now! Kids have really been affected by social distancing and online learning from an emotional and social standpoint. Parents are really excited to give their kids something consistent and fun to do that allows them to socialize and get their bodies moving at the same time.  

Climbing is great for developing fine motor skills, as well as spatial awareness. Kids are typically natural climbers, having almost no fear. I like to say that fear is a learned behavior, adults can be greatly limited by their fear (including me!) while kids generally aren’t. 

How long have you been at Boulderz, and how did you start here?

I’ve been here for about 1.5 years, and I have a background in child care. Before the pandemic I worked on cruise ships in child care!

And when did you start climbing?


I climbed recreationally before working at Boulderz: in high school, at birthday parties or just going out for fun with friends. Last summer I tried outdoor climbing for the first time and I loved it.

Model Glamour Photo of Boulderz Staff Emma Tell me about working at Boulderz. What do you like about it?

Honestly I’d say Boulderz is one of the best organizational cultures I’ve been a part of. It has a real friends and family vibe, so it’s a great environment to come to every day– very supportive. I genuinely love all the people I work with and I want to hang out with them. I even came to work to hang out on my birthday!


The climbing community is a really positive environment. We are all supporting each other to achieve our own personal best. Climbing is an individual sport, but the community is so supportive.