At Boulderz diversity and inclusion are critical to achieving our goal of inspiring confidence in our clients to foster personal growth and to build an organization that attracts and develops exceptional people.

In order to fulfil this mission statement, the Diversity and Inclusion committee will do the following:

Employees: Support and foster a learning mindset within our organization

Community: Listen, reflect, and respond to concerns within the community.

Organization: Develop initiatives to further accessibility in our community and celebrate diversity


Committee member bios:

Ellen: I believe everyone should have the opportunity to discover something they love, and climbing may be that something! Everyone should have a fair shot and feel comfortable doing what they love, and so I joined the Diversity & Inclusion committee to take action on these truths, starting at my workplace.

Igor: I fell in love with climbing the moment I fell off my first V1 and realized that this was not just some silly thing that kids do for birthday parties, but rather a lifelong pursuit. My love grew so much stronger when with the help of the amazing community I was able to send that V1. Fast forward 5 years my love for this great sport is still going strong, and I am now looking to share this love with everyone who is willing to pull on to their first climb. Hearing about this opportunity to join the D and I committee I was overcome with excitement as it would give me opportunities to ensure that the sport that I loved would be open to all those willing to try, and to mold the community so that it would be an open and supportive place for all. I am thrilled to be a part of this and can’t wait to make a positive change with all your help. I have always subscribed to the famous saying ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. With the world appearing to be more fractured and divided I jumped at the opportunity to finally incarnate that saying which has been on my mind since I first heard it

Paul: Climbing has a lot to offer and I have learned a lot from it; I feel fortunate to have been introduced to it by my friends. I joined this committee because it is important to me that our doors are kept open for all those who want to give climbing a try. I look forward to the opportunity to share this sport with others and hope to contribute in building a vibrant community.