Vertical Life app now features Boulderz Climbing Centre!
We’re excited to announce that we have started using VERTICAL LIFE at Boulderz Climbing Centre
With the app you can track your progress, join contests, give feedback on the route-setting grades & styles and more.
As a climber/member at our gym, this means you can:
  • Favourite our gym and get notified when new routes are set.
  • Follow a friend and catch up on what others are climbing and get inspired.
  • Begin a climbing workout right in the app that is customized to the gym and level of your choice.
  • View our topos, ‘Zlag’* your ascents, make a comment, and give a grade suggestion. We want your feedback!
  • Take part in Vertical-Life’s worldwide ranking system and see what others are climbing, indoors and out, including your friends.
  • Join a sponsored challenge with other climbers worldwide every month and win prizes!

* What is a Zlag!? A Zlag basically allows you to keep track of your climbing performance. With a Zlag, you tell your friends that you have done a route. You can celebrate your achievements with the community.

Aside from all that you can do at our gym, you can also use the same app and login for other gyms worldwide, as well as download outdoor guidebooks and topos for destinations all over the world.

Take a minute to check it out. We will be having a Vertical Life contest for EFT & Annual Members soon with prizes, so watch this space!

Download the app and follow our gym!