Come to 80 The East Mall Unit 9 – Boulderz Climbing Centre in Etobicoke for our event “The Heat Is On” Summer Sweatfest bouldering competition.

A fun and challenging way to be involved in the climbing community is to enjoy participating in our Summer Sweatfest bouldering competition:

THE HEAT IS ON – ALL LEVELS – Novice climbers welcome.

REGISTER $15 for member / $20 for non-members

We’ll have 30 new bouldering challenges from BEGINNER LEVEL all the way to V5. Register in the Recreational category for these routes. Peer judged / maximum fun / win prizes!

For more challenge, register in OPEN. You have to (try to) complete 5 boulders in 90 minutes or less. This category is judged and problems will range from V4 – V10-ish.