Boulderz Camp FAQs

Can I get some general info about camps?

  • Boulderz camp will be running a climbing day camp each week in July and August
  • Many of the activities will have a climbing theme
  • See more info about activities below
  • ONLY Full week bookings are available
  • Single days are no longer available
  • Available for kids ages 6-14
  • Camp runs daily from 9am to 4pm with a 30 minute pickup and drop off window before and after (8:30am-4:30pm)

What are we doing in terms of health and safety?

  • Groups (Cohorts) of 8, plus 2 counsellors will be kept together throughout the week to reduce interaction between other groups, and provide for a typical camp experience
  • Siblings will be kept in the same cohort
  • Shared surfaces will be sanitized after each use and at the end of each day
  • Each camper will have their own space assigned to them for storing their personal belongings
  • Each camper will be given their own crafts kit to use for the week
  • Campers/parents will be asked about the camper’s health upon arrival each day
  • Those with visible symptoms (eg: cough, sneeze, fever) will not be allowed to stay

Face Coverings:

  • Face Coverings must be worn upon arrival, exit, and using washrooms
  • All participants, counsellors, staff and anyone entering the facility must have a facial covering in their possession to be used, as necessary, when physical distancing measures are difficult to maintain
  • Campers are encouraged to wear face coverings during other activities as well, but is not required in their cohort

Hand washing/sanitizing protocol:

  • Hands must be washed upon arrival and leaving the facility
  • Hands must be washed before/after any food/drink breaks
  • Hands should be washed whenever possible (eg: after an activity) and frequently
  • Hand sanitizer will be available when hand washing is not available
  • Campers should bring their own hand sanitizer if possible
  • Campers must use proper cough and sneeze etiquette
  • Campers must have their own sunscreen and be able to apply it on their own
  • Campers must be able to follow all facility rules

How do I book?

  • Book your child into one of our camps online
  • Complete a new waiver for your child
  • Complete a health attestation (please note you will be asked about the camper’s health daily upon arrival as well)
  • Available for kids ages 6-14
  • Camp runs daily from 9am to 4pm with a 30 minute pickup and drop off time before and after (8:30am-4:30pm)

What activities will the campers be doing?

Day 1

  • Campers will be divided into groups and be assigned a camp, at Yosemite (for example), and participate in make shift outdoor climbing related adventures.
  • Lunch, games, activities and arts/crafts for the rest of the day

Day 2-5

  • Games, activities, trips to the park when weather permits, or during a bad weather day the option to enjoy a thrilling climbing movie in our spacious viewing area

What do campers need to bring?

  • Face Covering, and 2 extra in a sealed bag
  • Hand sanitizer if possible
  • 2 water bottles, to eliminate the need for the water fountain at the facility
  • Clean pair of running shoes
  • Comfortable clothing for a day of physical activities
  • Snacks, lunch, and water bottle (with their name on all items)
  • Sunscreen (need to be able to apply it on their own)
  • A hat

What about Friday Pizza Lunch?

  • Pizza lunch on Fridays will also continue for Summer Camp. Staff will wear gloves and face coverings when distributing the pizza.

What about lunch and snack program that was paid for?

  • We are preparing all meals and snacks at our Etobicoke Location for campers.

What if my camper misses a day?

  • Unfortunately we cannot offer any make up classes or refunds/credits due to a missed day of camp.

What is Boulderz current cancellation policy?

  • Payment is non-refundable. Store credit will be given if cancelling a camp program.
  • 14 days notice is required to receive the full value as store credit.
  • Cancellations with less than 14 days notice will receive 50% of the value as store credit.
  • Cancellations partway through a program will receive 50% of the value of the remaining days as store credit.