Q: Do I need to make an appointment or reservation to come in to climb? 
A: No! We accept drop-ins any day or time.


Q: Who needs to sign a waiver? 
A: All climbers and supervising adults must have a completed waiver on file.


Q: I am a supervising adult but I am not climbing. Do I still need a waiver? 
A Yes, anyone entering the facility must check-in at the front desk and have a waiver on file.


Q: Could I drop off my child who is under age 14 to climb on their own? 
A: No, all children under 14 MUST be supervised by an adult (18+).


Q: I am bringing in some kids to climb. What do I need to know? 
A: One adult can bring in a maximum of 3 children (under 14 years old) to supervise climbing. 


Q: How young could a climber be? 
A: We have had climbers as young as walking age!


Q: I am bringing in my kid to climb. I am not climbing and my partner and I just want to watch my kid climb. Can we both watch?
A: We only allow one supervising adult per child under 14 to be in the facility complimentary.