1. All participants must check in at the front desk upon
entrance to the facility.
2. NO food or drinks on mats
3. NO BARE FEET in the gym at all times. Always wear
sandals, shoes or socks when not climbing.
4. When not climbing, please stay off the white landing
5. STOP and LOOK before walking through archways.
6. DOWNCLIMB whenever possible. If you top out, use
the ladder or slide in order to get down.
7. Always display your BELAY TAGS. If you don’t have
one please see one of our staff for more information
about lessons and belay tests. Only Boulderz Climbing
Centre instructors may teach at our facility.
8. Anyone under 14 MUST be accompanied by an adult
at all times.
(a) 1 non-climbing adult with up to 3 children
(b) 1 climbing adult with up to 2 children
9. All bad attitudes left at the door, only acceptable
problems are on the wall.