As newly required vaccination status’ must be confirmed via the QR code upon entry, regardless if you have previously provided your status. (before Jan 31st, 2022) 
Please have your QR code with your ID ready on your first visit back with us.
Get your QR code here
Proof of VACCINATION is required for those who are 12 years of age or older.

See updated COVID-19 policy effective

March 1, 2022. HERE

Wear a mask at all times while inside the facility (including while climbing)

  • Everyone over 2 years old must wear a mask or request an accommodation.

We can now ALLOW mask less kids under 2 years old 

  • Non-walker (e.g., stroller)
  • children who are walking : 1 hour limit. 1 person at a time in facility. Must maintain 2 metre distance from other customers

We CAN NOT APPROVE mask less accommodations for 2 years old and older on the spot.

Wash hands before and after climbing

No spectators (unless the participant is under 14 years old or a belayer is required)

All bad attitudes left at the door, only acceptable problems are on the wall.
Do not come in if you are unwell. Abide by public health requirements
Our climbers and staff safety is our top priority, we are following all Government Regulations.
We are excited to see everyone back in the gym!