Boulderz is going above and beyond current COVID protocols to get climbers climbing!

Below is information on our NEW policies and procedures to support the COVID restrictions; please note various measures may be lifted as government protocols allow:

Reservations and entering the facility:

  • Facility access process, via our online reservation process and all purchases are via a contactless system.
  • Please contact us at to confirm your eligibility or if you have questions about the status of your account.
  • All reservation are in 2 hour increments with enhanced cleaning procedures on going.
  • Currently guests are only permitted one booking per day. However if we have not reached capacity guests may extend their session on site.
  • Pre-screening client procedures, are included in the reservation process and reaffirmed upon entering.
  • Symptoms of illness posted outside and/or at entrance(s), with instructions NOT TO ENTER. This includes if you are experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing).
  • Reservations may be moved or cancelled due to illness on short notice. No shows without notice will be charged in full.

Additional measures while at the facility:

  • Hand sanitizer will be located strategically throughout the facility and all climbers are required to use it upon entering the facility, and/or wash their hands upon arriving.
  • Physical distancing will be accomplished and enforced with foot markers indicated with an “X” for the minimum spacing of the current 2 metre distance.
  • Signs throughout the facility for rules and reminders for frequent hand washing along with sanitization stations to be used after moving to a new “X” station.
  • Enhanced daily pre-opening and closing checklist process, for both the facility and staff.
  • Additional cleaning / sanitizing / disinfection timelines, equipment and products.
  • PPE requirements for staff and customers, in line with Public Health and the City of Toronto.

Changes to facility access:

  • At all times attendees must keep a distance of 2 metres (6.5 feet) between persons and wear a mask or face covering which covers the mouth, nose and chin.
  • All training will be individual based with no physical contact; inclusive of harness and knot checks. These are to be done maintaining physical distance, where required, with a thorough visual check, and thorough belayer and climber self check.
  • Limiting entry to members and one (1) parent or guardian if the member is a minor.
  • Limiting the total number of persons in the facility to the current government requirement or recommendation.
  • There is a required direction of travel through the facility. Please respect the direction of flow, indicated by arrows, to allow for ease of movement throughout the facilities.
  • At the time of making a reservation, attendees are required to specify what part of the facility they are going to use during their visit. This can be changed upon arrival subject to availability.
  • Please note for those who suffer from an underlying medical condition or those who cannot follow our strict hygiene protocol i.e. young children under the age of 5, immunocompromised or diabetic we recommend that you not enter the facility or participate. Our hygiene protocol includes but is not limited to sanitizing your hands when moving from station to station, wearing a mask and not touching your face/nose/mouth or hair.
  • All accommendations requests must be made in writing
  • Our facility has an adequate and functioning HVAC system and/or a specific plan to introduce fresh air into the facility, by opening our large bay door(s) throughout each 2 hour training session.
  • Change rooms, locker rooms and shower facilities will be closed off, until public health measures allow it. Access to washrooms and first aid areas will be available.
  • Water Bottle refill available.
  • Any prepared food will be taken to go only.

Bringing only what you need in your climbing bag and be dressed ready to climb. This also includes your mask, indoor footwear, filled water bottle, climbing shoes, no loose chalk permitted, chalk balls are okay and liquid chalk preferred, harness and rope and gri-gri if required.

Participants must read and follow our CODE OF CONDUCT 

along with completing new 2020 waiver.


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