FoodBenders food is prepared fresh daily, changes seasonally, and has a wide variety of Vegan friendly options.

FoodBenders is Boulderz favourite choice for healthy and fresh on-the-go eats! Using locally sourced ingredients, Foodbenders products are crafted with health in mind, free of refined sugars and additives. No need to worry about dietary restrictions when grabbing a sandwich, salad, wrap, or pudding at Boulderz. Food benders has a diverse menu catering to those who chose to live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, with delicious alternatives such as: Vegan Tofu Scramble wrap, Pulled Mushroom Sandwich, and a Vegan Noodle bowl.

With all this in mind, how could pre-packaged food get any better? With a $1 Espresso made fresh from one of Boulderz trained cafe staff! With a purchase of any FoodBenders food item, receive an espresso for only a dollar.

Come on into Boulderz today to try out our amazing FoodBenders Salads, Sandwiches, wraps, and Puddings.